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Yellow Jacket 60297 Flare Sizing Gauge

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Yellow Jacket 60297 Flare Sizing Gauge

The Flare Sizing Gauge Ensures Finished Flares are the Proper Dimension to Prevent Leaking Compression Fittings.

The YELLOW JACKET® Flare Sizing Gauge 60297 is made of coated aluminum with laser etching to provide an easy-to-read, durable, long-lasting tool. Simply set the flared tubing into the proper gauge hole where there is a stop midway through for proper diameters. An undersized diameter will pass through and an oversized flare will not fit at all.

Front side of the gauge features a pipe sizing guide on the bottom for the correct flare tool settings.

Back side features proper torque specifications for each hole size for compression assembly.

With the Flare Sizing Gauge the service tech has all the information for completing flaring pipe connections.


    • Light weight
    • Compact
    • Covers 6 common diameters of flares
    • Convenient hanging hole for attaching to service bag
    • Quick access to tube size
    • Quick access to torque specifications

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