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Yellow Jacket 49095 ManCover™ for Manifold Protection

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Yellow Jacket 49095 ManCover™ for Manifold Protection

ManCover for Manifold Protection
Service technicians use their manifold several times a day; it is an important tool for their everyday tasks. Manifold gauges are vulnerable to damage during storage and transport. The YELLOW JACKET® ManCover49095 provides protection for their most trusted test instruments. Durable rubber material provides ‘bounce’ protection in the van and on the jobsite. The hook slot makes it easy to slip the cover over most manifolds. Rubber boots don’t protect the gauge lens and a bulky carrying case makes it harder to carry. ManCover™ protects YELLOW JACKET® TITAN®, BRUTE®, BRUTE II®, Series 41 Manifolds and many other manifolds.


    • Large size fits most manifolds
    • Rubber material for bounce protection in vehicles
    • Large opening to allow hoses to remain connected while protecting the gauge faces from damage
    • Oversized slot allows for easy insertion with manifold hangers

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