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White-Rodgers 50D50U-843 All-Spark Intermittent Pilot/Direct Spark Ignition Module, Universal Replacement

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White-Rodgers 50D50U-843 All-Spark Intermittent Pilot/Direct Spark Ignition Module, Universal Replacement

Replace over 800 24V IP + DSI part numbers and speed up install with the White-Rodgers Connect app

  • Configurable with both 24V IP and DSI systems
  • LED display for improved set up and diagnostics
  • Replaces Honeywell S8610U, Fenwal 35-60, 35-61 and more

Streamline Inventory

  • Configurable for both 24V intermittent pilot (IP) and direct spark ignition (DSI) systems
  • Save truck space by replacing over 800 part numbers with one SKU
  • Decrease carrying costs with fewer parts

Simplify Installation with the White-Rodgers Connect App

  • Quick configuration without power, prior to install
  • Diagnose fault codes and troubleshoot confidently
  • View system status with the tap of a finger
  • Access installation resources and product literature via quick links

Increase Efficiency with Innovative Features

  • 7-Segement Display provides additional configuration options and expanded fault code message reporting
  • Rajah and spade spark terminals on-board eliminate need for external adapter


Included in the Box:

  • 50D5U-843 Ignition Module
  • 11-Pin Harness Assembly
  • Vent Damper Jumper Plug (installed on module)
  • Local Flame Sensor Jumper Wire (installed on module)
  • (6) 3/16" QC crimp on terminals
  • (4) 1" Sheet Metal Mounting Screws
  • 1/4" 14-16 AWG QC and shrink wrap sleeve
  • Fault Code Label for optional use
  • Installation Instructions



Voltage (Low):
24 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Voltage (Line): 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Temperature Range Ambient Operating: -40 degrees to 175 degrees F (-40 degrees to 79 degrees C)
Humidity Range: 5% to 93% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Certifications: UL Recognized (Canada & US)



50D50U-843 Brochure

50D50U-843 Data Sheet

50D50U-843 Installation Instructions


Cross Reference (Intermittent Pilot)

Honeywell/Redideo: S8610U3009, S86A1001, S86A1019, S86A1027, S86A1035, S86B1009, S86B1017, S86B1025, S86C1007, S86C1015, S86C1023, S86C1031, S86C1049, S86C1056, S86D1005, S86D1013, S86D1021, S86E1002, S86E1010, S86E1028, S86E1036, S86E1044, S86E1051, S86E1069, S86E1077, S86E1101, S86E1119, S86E1127, S86F1000, S86F1018, S86F1026, S86F1042, S86F1059, S86F1067, S86F1075, S86F1083, S86F1091, S86G1008, S86G1016, S86G1024, S86G1032, S86G1057, S86G1073, S86H1006, S86H1014, S86H1022, S86H1048, S86H1055, S86H1063, S86H1089, S86H1097, S86H1105, S86H1113, S86H1121, S86H1139, S86H1147, S90A1005, S90B1003, S90B1011, S860C1000, S860D1009, S860D1017, S8600A1001, S8600B1009, S8600B1025, S8600B3005, S8600B3013, S8600C1015, S8600C3003, S8600F1000, S8600F1034, S86F1042, S8600H1006, S8600H1014, S8600H1022, S8600H1048, S8600H1055, S8600H1063, S8600H1071, S8600H1089, S8600H1097, S8600H1105, S8600H3002, S8600H3010, S8600M1005, S8600M1013, S8600M1021, S8600M2003, S8600M3001, S8600M4009, S8610A1009, S8610B1007, S8610B1015, S8610B1023, S8610B3003, S8610C1005, S8610C1013, S8610C3001, S8610F1008, S8610F1016, S8610F1024, S8610F1032, S8610H1004, S8610H1012, S8610H1020, S8610H1038, S8610H1046, S8610H1053, S8610H1061, S8610H1079, S8610H1095, S8610H3000, S8610H3018, S8610H3026, S8610M1003, S8610M1011, S8610M1029, S8610M3009, S8610M3017, S8610U1003, S8610U1011, S8620C1003, S8620C1011, S8620H1002, S8620H1010, S8620H1028, S8660D1002, S8660D1010, S8660J1008, S8660J1016, S8660J1024, S8660K1006, S8660K1014, S8660K1022, S8670D1000, S8670D1018, S8670D1026, S8670D3006, S8670D3014, S8670E1007, S8670E3003, S8670J3002, S8670J3010, S8670K3000, S8680J1004
05-203025-005, 05203026-005, 35-630901-017, 35-63J900-415, 35-630906-229, 35-60J106-224, 35-630501-007, 35-630501-103, 35-63J101-015, 35-63J103-117, 35-630201-005, 35-630200-007, 35-63J101-415
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White-Rodgers: 50B48-1, 50B48-102, 50B48-201, 50B48-203, 50B48-301, 50B48-4, 50B48-6, 50B49-1, 50B49-102, 50C49-251, 50C49-261, 50C49-271, 50C49-281, 50C49-283, 50C49-285, 50C49-480, 50C49-481, 50C49-50, 50C49-51, 50C49-71, 50C49-82, 50C49-83, 50D49-1, 50D49-10, 50D49-100, 50D49-110, 50D49-160, 50D49-200, 50D49-210, 50D49-220, 50D49-230, 50D49-250, 50D49-260, 50D49-300, 50D49-310, 50D49-50, 50D49-60, 50D50-843, 50D50-801
Carrier/ICP Brands: LH33EP040, LH33CZ010, LH33CZ007, LHCM600
Goodman/Amana Brands: B13707-24
York/JCI Brands: 325-42681-00, 025-42681-000, 907-970010-15, S1-02526363700, 025-29012-001, 0205-29012-002, 025-29012-003, 025-29012-004
Rheem/Ruud Brands: SP10763C, 625040, 625042
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Capable: 26108, 261008

Cross Reference (Direct Spark Ignition)

Honeywell/Resideo: S87B1008, S87B1016, S87B1024, S87B1065, S87C1006, S87C1014, S87C1030, S87D1004, S87D1012, S87D1020, S87D1038, S87J1026, S87J1034, S87K1008
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