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White-Rodgers 47D01U-843 Heat Pump Defrost Control Board, Universal Replacement

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White-Rodgers 47D01U-843 Heat Pump Defrost Control Board, Universal Replacement

Universal Single Stage Heat Pump Defrost Control for PSC replaces most single stage defrost controls offering enhanced energy efficiency through demand or time temp defrost modes and provides compressor protection through short cycle time delay and brownout protection.

  • Replaces over 400 single stage defrost models
  • Selectable timed defrost or demand defrost mode for greater efficiency
  • Reversing valve can be energized in heat or cool (O/B)
  • One button configuration to any OEM system
  • Integrated outdoor thermostat eliminates need for additional components
  • Access set up and diagnostic menus from any orientation
  • Brown out and short cycle protection
  • Pat. 9,037,303, 9,412,328, 9,830,887, 9,964,345


Data Sheet

Installation Instructions



Family Brands of Equipment:
Universal Replacement
Stages: Single
Voltage: Input 24 Vac, 50/60Hz
Line Voltage: 208/240 Vac
Inducer Motor/Blower Motor: PSC
Mounting Options: Tray
Ambient Operating Temperature: -40 to 150°F (-40 to 65°C)
Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Overall Dimensions: 1.75”H X 4.72”W 5.75”D



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