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White-Rodgers 36H64-463 Universal Electronic Ignition Gas Valve, Two-Stage

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White-Rodgers 36H64-463 Universal Electronic Ignition Gas Valve, Two-Stage

Electronic Ignition Gas Valve. Our highest capacity Series multi-function Combination Control covering a wide range of gas heating applications.


  • Pilot port plugged for Hot Surface and Direct Spark Ignition systems, remove plug for Intermittent/Proven Pilot systems
  • Fast open, two stage
  • Electric on-off switch and convenient quick connect coil terminals
  • Tamper resistant screws and controlled gasket compression to withstand high inlet pressures
  • Mounting position upright, or 0° to 90°From upright in any direction
  • CSA approved


    36H Product Sheet

    36H Series Instructions


    Voltage: 24 Vac 50/60Hz
    Opening Style: 2 - Stage Fast Opening
    Pipe Size:

    3/4 in. X 3/4 in.

    Reducer Bushing Kit: Yes

    Regulator Setting:

    1.1” Low3.5” High
    Regulator Adjustment Range: 1.0”-3.5” Low, 2.5”-5.0” High, Nat. Gas
    Regulator Adjustment Range: 4.0”-9.5” Low, 8.0”-12.0” High, LP Gas
    LP Conversion Kit Included: Yes
    Flow Direction: Straight Through
    Side Taps: No
    Inlet/Outlet Pressure Tap: Yes/Yes
    Standing Pilot with Line Interrupter: No
    HSI/DSI: Yes
    Intermittent/Proven Pilot: Yes


    Replaces the following models: 

    0151L00000 21J7701 36C76-935
    380659 B1282620 HQ1070690WR
    025-26372-000 21J8801 36C76-942 405705-002 B1282621 P87280
    025-27515 2541090000 36C76-961 43799-0001 C340995P01 R42360
    025-27515-000 28G2601 36C76-972 43799-001/R CNT03687 TU15576
    025-27918-000 28G3001 36C76-983 592057 EF32CW187 V0059600
    025-30839-000 300012109 36E54-201 5H0730180001 EF32CW193 V00708
    025-32676-000 341062 36E54-208
    EF32CW194 V0070800102
    10027236 36C76-407 36E54-214
    EF32CW262 VR8205Q2555
    1006221 36C76-427 36E96-205 60-42227-01 EF33CB262 VR8304Q4511
    105782 36C76-455 36E96-206 60-42228-01 EF33CB265 VR8305Q4500
    1057821 36C76-458 36E96-224 60-42508-01 EF33CB269 VR8345Q4563
    10602631 36C76-461 36E96-304 6246000 EF33CB270 X13120516030
    1070690 36C76-470 36H54-401 6246110 EF33CB271 X13120645010
    1071324 36C76-477 36H54-470 624695 EF33CB272 X13120660010
    1149848 36C76-478 36H54-471 700-413 EF33CB273 X13120660020
    11J28-02454-001 36C76-482 36H54-485 73-56-1602-19 EF33CW188 X13120680010
    11J28-06895-001 36C76-484 36H64-401 73-56-1603-10 EF33CW189 X15200719010
    12L5701 36C76-485 36H64-402 986926 EF33CW196
    1RC52 36C76-534 36H64-405 B12826-10 EF33CW245
    1YRN8 36C76-913 37H7701 B1282611 EF33CW271