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Uniweld Type17TFT Tuning Fork™ Tip

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Uniweld Type17TFT Tuning Fork™ Tip

Uniweld’s Tuning Fork™ Tip allows you to heat up all the fittings of a heat pump reversing valve at once for easy removal of the defective valve. Remove and install the new valve without altering the original copper tube fittings. The Tuning Fork™ Tip makes it possible to work efficiently in confined spaces and get even heat quickly in tough-to-reach areas.

The Tuning Fork™ Tip fits 71 and WH550 welding handles.


    Acetylene Consumption SCFH 5-10
    Acetylene/Fuel Pressure PSIG: 7
    Oxygen Pressure PSIG: 10
    Overall Length: 8"
    Brazing Copper Tubing: 7/8"
    Replacement Nut & Mixer UM17-5
    Compatible Welding Handle -71