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Supco VG64 Wireless Vacuum Gauge

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Supco VG64 Wireless Vacuum Gauge

The NEW AND IMPROVED VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge incorporates a revolutionary sensor design that is highly resistant to contamination. Unlike other vacuum gauges currently on the market, the VG64 maintains working accuracy even when the sensor is exposed to contaminants in the oil. For many applications, the new and improved sensor does not require any cleaning for the life of the sensor.

  • Never replace sensor technology
  • Unmatched resolution (as low as 0.5 micron)
  • 1/2 second response time (update rate)
  • Backlit LCD
  • Auto shut off
  • Built-in hanger
  • Removable magnetic hanging strap
  • Analog bar graph
  • Battery life indicator
  • Two year warranty



Fitting: 1/4" SAE Flare Fitting , 45° thread
Power source: 3 AA battery (Not included)
Accuracy: +/- 10% (100-2000 microns)
Overpressure: 800 psi max
Operating temperature range: 32°F to 150°F (0°C to 65°C)
Best resolution: 1 micron(for 0-200 microns)
Parameter scale: Microns, PSI, mBars, Pascals, Torr, mTorr
Vacuum range: 0-19,000 microns
Connector type: Standard 1/4" male flared fitting
Sensor type: Thermistor



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