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Supco Tradefox TFXJK Jumper King Multi-Jumper with Selectors

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Supco Tradefox TFXJK Jumper King Multi-Jumper with Selectors

The Jumper King° allows you to quickly bypass any low voltage thermostat regardless of terminal style. This patent-pending all-in-one kit comes with everything you need to locate low-voltage shorts and eliminate compressor short cycling.

  • 2-Spade Adapters, Jumper King° Thermostat Bypass Tool, Hard Carrying Case
  • 6-Alligator Clips, 6-Magnetic Tips, 6-Jumper Leads, 6-Self Piercing Insulation Tips
  • For Use on low voltage circuits only (0-30VAC/VDC)
  • Four types of interchangeable tips: spade adapters, alligator clamps, magnetic tips and self-piercing insulation tips
  • Inovative selector switches to activate leads/circuits of your choosing at any time
  • No batteries required - powered by the low voltage in theA/C unit
  • Rugged unit has a rubberized boot, a magnet and fold-out hook for convenient mounting
  • Will never short out - contains a resettable popper fuse
  • Works on multiple stage units including heat pumps


Jumper Length: 20"
Case Size: 7-1/2" x 4" x 3"
Voltage: 24VAC or Low voltage control circuit


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