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Supco Tradefox HB100 Hub Blaster

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Supco Tradefox HB100 Hub Blaster


The Hub Blaster easily separates Fan/Blower Hubs or Condenser Fan Blades from Motor Shafts in seconds.

  • Color Coded Adaptor Bushings to accommodate different diameter hubs.
  • Comes with 3/8" Wrench for quick setup
  • Custom molded plastic carrying case
  • Driver Shaft has 1/4" quick connect for Drill/Impact Driver
  • Kit has all parts necessary to remove the blower wheel from the shaft
  • Made from High Carbon Steel
  • SUPCO® TradeFox™ Approved for being a Technician-Invented product
  • Uses drill/impact driver to separate shaft from hub (Not Included)
  • Will work on some taller shafts
  • Works for any HVAC motor replacement


No Bushing: 1-5/8" ID
Black Bushing: 1-1/2" ID
Blue Bushing: 1-3/8" ID
Red Bushing: 1-1/4" ID
Orange Bushing: 1" ID

Instruction Manuel