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Pipe Vise SW7-1 Amigo 1" Steel Wrench

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Pipe Vise SW7-1 Amigo 1" Steel Wrench

The compact size and spring loaded jaws make the Amigo ideal for tight working conditions. We guarantee the precision machined teeth will provide the strongest grip you have ever felt!



  • Steel handle
  • Length: 9” or 229mm
  • Weight: 1.08lb or 707g
  • Precision machined teeth
  • Comfort contoured handle
  • Durable chrome finish


  • Assembly of pipes, fittings, and valves
  • Ideal for tight working conditions
  • Medium duty disassembly


  • Minimum: 1/2" Pipe
  • Maximum: 1" Pipe


Maximum Diameter: 1" Pipe
Minimum Diameter: 1/2" Pipe
Weight: 1.08Lb. (707g)
Length: 9" (229mm)