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Supco STC5333 Thermal Cutout - Open Temp 333° - 15 Amp (2-Pack)

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Supco STC5333 Thermal Cutout - Open Temp 333° - 15 Amp (2-Pack)

The STC Series Thermal Cut Outs offer a reliable solution for upper limit temperature protection. Also known as thermal fuses, these cutouts provide protection against overheating by breaking the electrical circuit when the temperature is greater than the rated temperature of the STC thermal cutout. Style “B” and “C” bases are high temperature ceramic.

Rated for continuous operating currents up to 10 amps @ 250VAC (15 amps @ 120VAC, 5 amps @ 24VDC), is the industry standard for over-temperature protection.

  • Provides reliable back-up protection for temperature controlling thermostats
  • Applied to millions of appliances and personal care products
  • Applied in office machines, portable heaters and industrial equipment as a thermal safeguard


Amps: 15
Open temp °F ( °C): 333 °F (167 °C)