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Supco PT25E Economy Ice Maker Kit

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Supco PT25E Economy Ice Maker Kit

Each kit contains Supco® 's unique 'Self Tapping Valve' and all the fittings necessary for installations with copper or plastic tubing.

  • Can be installed under any sink, or from any branch line
  • Includes valve, 25' of ¼" plastic tubing and fittings.
  • Installs quickly and easily with Self Tapping Valve
  • Water does not have to be shut off
  • Water lines do not have to be drained


Connection at Appliance: ¼" Compression
Connection at Tap: ¼" Compression
Valve: STV2LL - Self tapping
Length: 25 feet
Tubing: Plastic, ¼" OD


PT25E Brochure

 PT25E Product Manual