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Sterling XF300N 300,000 BTU Commercial/Light Commercial Natural Gas-Fired Unit Heater, 115v, 1-Stage, 0-4999 ft Altitude

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Sterling XF300N 300,000 BTU Commercial/Light Commercial Natural Gas-Fired Unit Heater, 115v, 1-Stage, 0-4999 ft Altitude

Commercial & Light Commercial Unit Heaters

The Sterling XF (propeller) and XC (blower) series convertible venting type tubular gas-fired unit heaters offer a highly efficient, extremely durable alternative to the traditional clam shell design. These propeller and blower type units combine the latest tubular heat exchanger and in-shot burner technology with the quality and reliability you have come to know from Sterling. Units are available in sizes 100 to 400 MBH and have been certified by ETL as providing 83% thermal (combustion) efficiency.

Notably, the “XF/XC” unit heater is designed so it can be installed in either standard or separated combustion venting configurations without requiring modification to the unit itself. Located on the rear cover panel of each unit, combustion air inlet collars are left open in a standard combustion venting configuration. When set up for separated combustion, combustion air piping is connected to the inlet collars so that the burners, spark ignitor, and flue system are enclosed within the unit, allowing the entire combustion process to remain unaffected by the atmosphere in the space where the heater is located. Separated combustion venting configurations should be used where dusty, dirty or mildly corrosive conditions exist, or where high humidity or slightly negative pressures prevail.


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Standard Features

  • Standard or Separated Combustion All-in-One Units
  • 20-Gauge Aluminized Steel Tubular Heat Exchanger
  • 83% Thermal Efficiency
  • Power Venter
  • 20-Gauge Steel Cabinetry with Baked Enamel Finish
  • Direct Spark Ignition System
  • Redundant Single Stage Gas Valve
  • Rear Burner Access for Ease of Service
  • Individually Adjustable and Removable Horizontal Louvers
  • 10-Year Heat Exchanger, Flue Collector and Burner Warranty



  • Performance Data:
    • Input - BTU/Hr (kW):  300,000 (87.8)
    • Output - BTU/Hr (kW):  249,000 (72.9)
    • Thermal Efficiency - %:  83
    • Free Air Delivery - CFM (cu. m/s):  5,000 (2.361)
    • Air Temperature Rise - °F (°C):  45 (24)
    • Full Load Amps at 120V:  11.6
    • Minimum Circuit Ampacity at 120V:  12.8
  • Motor Data:
    • Motor HP:  1/4 (2)
    • Motor (kW):  (0.19)
    • Motor Type (Open Drip Proof):  PSC
    • RPM:  1,050
    • Motor Amps at 115V:  9.4
  • Dimensional Data - Inches (mm):
    • Overall Height to Top of Flue:  34 (864)
    • Jacket Width of Unit:  50-3/4 (1289)
    • Width to CL Flue:  28-3/8 (721)
    • Depth to Rear of Housing:  12-1/4 (311)
    • Hanging Distance Width:  48-5/8 (1235)
    • Discharge Opening Width:  48-3/4 (1238)
    • Depth to CL Flue:  5-1/8 (130)
    • Overall Unit Width:  55-1/4 (1403)
    • Combustion Air Inlet Dia. (Qty) - in (mm):  5 (127)
    • Flue Size Diameter* - in. (mm):  6 (152)
    • Gas Inlet, Natural Gas - in:  3/4
    • Approximate Unit Weight - Lbs (kgs):  311 (141)
    • Approximate Shipping Weight - Lbs (kgs):  371 (168)

    *Flue collar is factory supplied with unit; to be field installed per included instructions. 

    Ratings shown are for unit installations at elevations between 0 and 2,000 feet (0 to 610m). For unit installations in USA above 2,000 feet (610m), the unit input must be field derated 4% for each 1,000 feet (305m) above sea level; refer to local codes, or in absence of local codes, refer to the latest edition of the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Standard Z223.1 (NFPA No. 54).