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SPIN Tools P3000 Swaging Drill Bit Set, 1/2", 3/4" & 1"

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SPIN Tools P3000 Swaging Drill Bit Set, 1/2", 3/4" & 1"

The high-temperature, leakage-free swaging method, designed from the ground up for HVAC systems.


The Swaging SPIN Tool is designed for the most common tubing diameters in HVAC, and it's recommended to both soft and hard copper. The high-temperature method preserves the copper’s/aluminum’s malleability while performing the swage, preventing cracks and leaks.

The Swaging Spin Tools allows you to connect tubes with ease and without the use of extra fittings; sleeves and unions, turning potential waste into actual profit.

To top that, you can swages with the Swage SPIN Tools in just 5 seconds!

To perform the swage on copper/aluminumtubing, simply attach the corresponding SPIN Tool size to a drill*. Because they perform their job using high-temperature and friction, no clamping tools or holders are necessary.

No more struggling with the swaging tool. The drill provides the strength, not your hands!

SPIN is the new evolution for HVAC swaging tools.

PLUMBING SET - 3 heavy-duty pieces  specially designed for plumbing applications.  The pieces are reinforced to allow easy and perfect swages even in 1" copper pipes. Effortless swages ready in less than a minute.

No reaming process required - Standardized, easier swages in one set

Swages in 10 seconds - Up to 10X faster than conventional tools

Swage Stopper - Great swaging depth. Easier to braze. 

Hex Shank - Better grip, more comfort, no slippage. 

Maximum performance and Lifespan - Designed to last longer than 100,000 times