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Robertshaw IMV-708 N-86 Dual Series Residential Ice Maker Water Valve

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Robertshaw IMV-708 N-86 Dual Series Residential Ice Maker Water Valve

The Robertshaw® S-86 Single and N-86 Dual Water Valve Series are automatic icemaker valves for residential refrigerator icemakers. The N-86 valve allows individual control of water flow through two outlets by using a single inlet for water to the door and for water to fill the icemaker.

  • Direct acting armature provides high flow capacity with minimum power requirements
  • Encapsulated coil provides high mechanical and dielectric strength, and is moisture resistant
  • Unique armature and seat design reduce unwanted particles from entering the armature area
  • Armature is designed with clearances which minimize the possibility of jamming due to foreign materials
  • Bodies are made of polypro which provides high resistance to corrosion and mineral deposits
  • Suitable for applications using water at temperatures up to 160°F (71°C)


Installation Data



Series Application: Residential Ice Machine Water Valve N-86 Dual
Electrical Rating: 120V AC, 50/60 Hz, 35W|120V AC, 50/60 Hz, 20W
Body Material: Polypro
Operating Pressure: 20 PSI to 120 PSI
Inlet Size: 1/4" flare, loxit or compression
Outlet: 7/16" 20 UNF, 1/2" 20 UNF
Terminals: 1/4" Male, 3/16" Male
Flow Rate: 130 CC in 7.5 seconds, 22-38 CC per second
Factory Part Number: K-75717



Cross Reference

Whirlpool: 2188708, 4389177, W10408179
Robertshaw: K-75717, K-75717-AM