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Robertshaw 700-406 24 Volt Combination Gas Valve

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Robertshaw 700-406 24 Volt Combination Gas Valve

The Robertshaw® 720 Series 24 Volt Dual Gas Valve is a six-function gas valve incorporating a manual valve, safety shut-off magnet, dual automatic valves, main gas regulator, and pilot adjustment. Models are available with and without a pressure regulator. Uni-Kit® models are factory set at 3.5” WC for natural gas, but can be converted to LP by installing the regulator conversion kit included. The wiring connections, manual selector and adjustments are easily accessible on top of the valve. With a 3-9/16” swing radius, the 720 Series lends itself well to replacing many OEM valves. Valve can be mounted in any position except upside down.

Features and Benefits

  • Gas cock dial marking Off - Pilot - On
  • Pilot outlet 1/4” tubing
  • Ambient temperature of -40°F to 175°F
  • Combination screw/spade terminal type
  • Maximum inlet pressure 14” WC (0.5 PSI)
  • Standard NEMA terminals
  • Inlet filtered screen
  • Various gas types: natural, manufactured, mixed, LP, and
    LP/air mixtures
  • Multiple actuators available
  • RoHS compliant


Series Application: 24 Volt Combination Gas Valve
Factory Part Number: 7000BER
Pressure Regulation: Uni-Kit
Capacity: 300,000 BTU
Reducer Bushing (NPT): 2
Inlet Size: 3/4"
Electrical Rating: 24V AC @ 0.2 Amps, 50/60 Hz|12V DC @ 0.18 Amps, 50/60 Hz
Outlet Size:  3/4"
Side Outlets: Straight-Thru



Cross Reference

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