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Yellow Jacket 60652 Eight Head Precision Torque Wrench Kit

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Yellow Jacket 60652 Eight Head Precision Torque Wrench Kit

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  • Designed to accommodate the full range of ductless mini-split flare nut sizes and torque requirements.
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of flare nut sizes
  • Durable, easy-to-use and more adjustable than other flare nut torque wrenches on the market.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use settings and adjustments


  • Precision torque wrench for exact tightening to 10-80 N-M or 7.4-59 ft. lb.
  • Adjustable in Newton-meters and foot-pound
  • Interchangeable open end adapters (Sizes: 17, 22, 24, 26, 27 & 29 mm on 60650 and additional 16 and 21 mm on 60652)
  • The N-M and foot-pound (FT-LB) scales are marked on the barrel of the wrench for easy and permanent reference
  • The micrometer-type sleeve is easy to read and allows accurate pre-set torque values to be set. When the set torque is reached, the wrench produces and audible click and a slight, safe release of tension to prevent over tightening
  • Accurate within 4% when measured per BSEN 26789 & ISO 6789 & ASME B107.14M & DIN3122 regardless of the open end adapter head used
  • The wrench length with adapter is 16″ (406 mm)
  • Packaged in a blow-molded storage case


Spec Sheet

Instruction Manual