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Reed Mfg VOKUCLUTCH Utility Clutch with Over Torque Protection

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Reed Mfg VOKUCLUTCH Utility Clutch with Over Torque Protection

A safety or utility clutch is used to protect the operator and prevent the valve or other eqiupment from damage by limited the amount of operating torque that can be applied. REED VOKUCLUTCH with over torque protection is adjustable but factory set at 150 lb-ft of torque. Clutch range is 7 to 204 lb-ft and disengages when torque exceeds preset value and automatically reengages.



  • Used for valve exercising with portable power drive.
  • Drive socket accepts 1” square shafts, including REED Valve Keys.
  • Safety first as utility clutch has over torque protection.
  • Factory set torque of 150 lb-ft (203 Nm) with adjustable torque limits of 7 to 204 lb-ft (10-277 Nm).
  • Fits REED CPDWW Cordless Power Drive, REED 700PD power drive, along with RIDGID® 700, Milwaukee® M18™ pipe threader and DeWalt® FLEXVOLT® 60V cordless pipe threader.
  • Mechanism is permanently lubricated and sealed for continued clutch performance.
  • Add the Digital Counter accessory to record the number of revolutions.


Technical Bulletin

Valve Operator Instructions