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Reed Mfg PLAS1PE PLAS In-Line Rotary™ Pipe Cutter, 6"-12" PE, HDPE

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Reed Mfg PLAS1PE PLAS In-Line Rotary™ Pipe Cutter, 6"-12" PE, HDPE

PLAS In-Line Rotary™ Cutters are excellent for cutting PVC or PE pipe in trench or above ground. Each PLAS rotary cutter needs just 6” to 8” (153 - 203 mm) clearance around the pipe, making them easy to operate in trench and with lower prep costs. Outboard rollers keep the cutter aligned on pipe, ensuring a square cut every time. Each PLAS cutter also can produce, in-line with the cut, a 15° bevel on both sides of the pipe using bevel blade PLAS4B*. For cutting PE pipe**, REED developed a hardened, tool steel blade for best cutting results. The engineered blade tip drives chips out of the way while cutting PE. PLAS In-Line Rotary Cutters can retrofit from PVC to PE or vice versa with alternate PLAS In-Line Rotary Pipe Cutter Blades.

*Bevel blade PLAS4B included with PVC models 04470, 04475, 04480 and 04485; can also be added to PE models. Contact REED for details.

**PLAS Cutter Specific Limitations for PE:
up to 14" pipe (355 mm) - 2" (51 mm) wall thickness
up to 18" pipe (500 mm) - 1 1/2" (38 mm) wall thickness
up to 28" pipe (800 mm) - 1" (25.4 mm) wall thickness

  • Safe to use as it creates no dust and chips fall where they are cut; chips are not blown far into pipe.
  • Only 6"-8" clearance needed to turn cutter around pipe.
  • Cuts out-of-round pipe because of spring loaded nuts.
  • If the job requires a bevel on PE, add REED bevel blade PLAS4B to simultaneously cut and bevel.
  • This is an inexpensive tool for contractors to use to make a cut for a tie-in or pipe break and then get the line back in use.
  • Pipe Capacity:  6-12"
  • Application:  PE, HDPE
  • Weight:  52 lb


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