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Reed Mfg PEPEEL6 PE Pipe Peeler, 1-1/2" - 6"

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Reed Mfg PEPEEL6 PE Pipe Peeler, 1-1/2" - 6"

PE Pipe Peeler prepares the outside diameter of polyethylene pipe for electrofusion by removing the oxidized layer and contaminates. PE Pipe Peeler can be used on the edge of the pipe or anywhere along the pipe with sufficient clearance for turning the tool around the pipe. Chain with thermoplastic rollers of acetel copolymer and plated side plates resist corrosion. Spring-loaded blade keeps consistent pressure on the pipe for a smooth finished surface. This blade tension means the blade does not skip.  Its carbide blade provides a cutting edge on each side. Rotate blade before replacement and receive three additional cutting edges.

  • One tool covers a range of PE pipe from 1 1/2”- 6” nominal IPS (48-168 mm actual O.D.).
  • Creates a uniformly peeled surface.
  • Works well even on out-of-round pipe.
  • Requires 5 1/2" turning clearance around pipe.
  • Pipe Capacity in-nom.:  1-1/2 - 6


Parts Diagram
PE Pipe Peeler Instructions

PE Pipe Peeler Flyer