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Reed Mfg CV4 Chain Vise, 1/8" - 4"

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Reed Mfg CV4 Chain Vise, 1/8" - 4"

Chain Vises permit the holding of irregular shapes and provide an excellent cost-for-capacity value. REED chain vises are the fastest to use: two turns to open or close. These chain vises are the strongest available and hardened tool steel jaws are triple-faced for rotations instead of replacements, providing two free sets of jaws.

REED chain vises save money because they come standard with three-sided jaws. Only REED has a 12” capacity chain vise – excellent cost for capacity value.

  • Chain vises grip pipe and irregular shapes well due to the flexibility of the chain sections.
  • Three-sided jaws are standard on Reed chain vises, allowing jaw face rotation (2x) before replacement.
  • Cast hole in vise permits secure mounting to truck or bench.
  • Pipe Capacity in-nom.:  1/8 - 4


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