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Reed Mfg CPBMADP Bevel Boss™ Pipe Beveler Adapter, Milwaukee®

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Reed Mfg CPBMADP Bevel Boss™ Pipe Beveler Adapter, Milwaukee®

REED pipe beveler adapter assemblies permit die grinders from Bosch®, Milwaukee® and DeWalt® to be temporarily used as REED plastic pipe bevelers. Choose the model specific to the chosen die grinder brand and follow the installation instructions. Router Bit is required, and sold separately. REED Portable Pipe Bevelers provide a safe way for operators to bevel pipe in the field, including stationary pipe.  In addition to safety on the jobsite, the REED system also provides a consistent bevel, fast.

  • Adapt operator's own Milwaukee® die grinder to serve as a plastic pipe beveler for exterior bevels.
  • Operator safety is important and the REED system provides a secure way to cut a consistent bevel quickly.
  • Adjust the bevel length on pipe by choosing the right Router Bit.
  • Only tool in the industry that provides a quick, easy and safe way to bevel plastic pipe.
  • Ideal for small to large diameter plastic pipe, including stationary pipe already in the ditch.


Parts Diagram

Bevel Boss™ CPB & Beveler Adapters Instructions