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Reed Mfg CPBDBT Bevel Boss™ Base Tool with Beveler Adapter and DeWalt® Die Grinder

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Reed Mfg CPBDBT Bevel Boss™ Base Tool with Beveler Adapter and DeWalt® Die Grinder

Bevel Boss™ cordless pipe bevelers quickly and safely bevel 2 inch diameter and larger plastic pipe. The tool's unique design makes REED Bevel Boss™ the only tool in the industry that provides a safe and speedy way to bevel. Cordless pipe beveler trims small to large diameter plastic pipe, including pipe already in the ditch. This lightweight tool significantly reduces prep time by quickly and consistently beveling when preparing multiple pipe lengths. These pipe bevelers are used on PVC and CPVC plastic pipe including C900, Corzan® CPVC, Bionax® PVCO (C909) and also ABS. Add bevels on most PVC glued joints and some sizes of bell and gasket joints.Adjustable for bevel length up to 1 inch, the required carbide Router Bits cut evenly and efficiently. Battery-powered, this cordless pipe beveler has no fumes! Plus, the guide plate eliminates guesswork about the bevel and yields a consistent result. To eliminate damage to the gasket, a pipe bevel is required when installing into a pipe bell. Bevels on cement joints allow for even distribution of solvent cement glue to maximize glue contact area. Always defer to pipe manufacturer specifications for bevel recommendations.

Cordless pipe beveler adapts to shape pipe interiors, too. For instance, electrical and utility contractors deburr to make pipe interiors snag-free for running wires. To create internal bevels on plastic pipe or conduit of 2 inch inside diameter (ID) or larger, add the REED beveler shroud with guide plate, CPBIDS.

  • Cordless power tool to deburr and bevel plastic pipe.
  • Base tool includes beveler adapter and DeWalt® die grinder.
  • Beveler adjusts easily with thumbscrew to change bevel length.
  • Add required router bit, choosing from preferred size based on pipe diameter.
  • Runs on DeWalt® 20V battery, sold separately.
  • Pipe Capacity in-nom.:  2" and up


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