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Reed Mfg IC1SL Long Internal Pipe Cutter, Saw Tooth Blade, 7-Inch

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Reed Mfg IC1SL Long Internal Pipe Cutter, Saw Tooth Blade, 7-Inch

Reed Internal Pipe Cutters cut pipe from the inside (i.e. drain pipes or sprinkler drops, etc). Heat-treated steel, saw tooth blades on the IC1S, IC1SL, and IC3/4SL internal pipe cutters make for fast cutting. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, all internal pipe cutters fit in a standard 3/8” drill. During use, flats on the larger cutters keep the cutter from slipping in the jaws of the drill while a lock washer on the smaller cutters keeps the blades from slipping. All saw tooth internal pipe cutter models cut plastic pipe aggressively and can cut wood for sink lugs. IC1SL and IC3/4SL feature an exclusive, adjustable guide that doubles as a depth gauge.

  • Conveniently cut from the inside using a standard 3/8” drill. (Drill not included.)
  • Used to cut off pipes below floor level or in the ceiling in new construction, around pools, and for replacement of closet flanges.
  • Exclusive, adjustable guide on IC1SL and IC3/4SL doubles as a depth gauge.
  • Heat-treated steel, saw-toothed blades make for fast cutting.
  • Application:  PVC/CPVC, ABS, PEX, PE and PP
  • Blade Diameter in.:  1.26
  • Blade Cutting Depth in.:  .38
  • Shaft Size:  7"
  • Weight:  0.7 lbs


Parts Diagram

IC1SL Manual