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RectorSeal 96421 RSH-50 VRM KIT

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RectorSeal 96421 RSH-50 VRM KIT

The RSH-50 VRM KIT combines the VRM60A and the RSH-50 in a NEMA 3R enclosure, for an all-in-one equipment solution. The RSH-50 uses Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Technology along with Thermally Fused Metal Oxide Varistors (TMOV) for ultimate protection. Protects equipment from electrical surges and voltage disturbances by utilizing safety thermal fusing and gas discharge tube surge protection technology, combined with the ability to monitor the line protecting equipment against over and under voltage conditions that can cause damage to circuit boards and motors. The unit is fully programmable to set the voltage cutoff range from 90V to 300V while storing up to 300 events.

  • RSH-50 Surge Protector and Voltage Range Monitor inside a NEMA 4/IP66 enclosure
  • Over-Under Voltage Protection with Adjustable Auto Cut-Off and Auto Restore Delay Time; Over-Under Voltage Cutoff Delay can be adjusted from 0.5 to 60 Seconds; Load Restore Delay adjustable from 1 to 600 Seconds 120/240 Single Phase.
  • Magnetic Latching Relays for Maximum Reliability
  • Large Easy to Read LCD Digital Display with Dual Red and Green LED Diagnostics Indicators
  • Easy Set Up, Field Programmable, No Laptop or Programming Tool Required


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