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Rectorseal 83919 Aspen Maxi Orange Univ Pump 100-250V

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Rectorseal 83919 Aspen Maxi Orange Univ Pump 100-250V

Maxi Orange pumps are designed with a separate pump and reservoir. The 2 elements connect together with a length of 1/4" id vinyl tube and a communication cable, which are both usually around 6 ft. long. This may be extended if required.


  • Self Priming and Pump installs remotely above ceiling or inside lineset cover
  • Pan mount and inline style reservoir included and Modular terminals for fast connection
  • Gravity Inlet
  • Quiet and Fully potted (complete assembly is epoxy filled for resistance to shock, vibration, moisture, chemical and promotes sound dampening, US Patent #6,817,194)
  • 3A N/C dry contacts rated @ 5A inductive @ 230V AC


Pump mounts outside evaporator, hidden in the horizontal lineset cover. Reservoir mounts in evaporator, below drain pan. Designed for installation above a false ceiling where possible, or in casing of minisplit evaporator unit where space permits.

Recommended Use:

Designed for use with ductless mini-split A/C systems to remove condensed water from evaporative coil condensate tray through drain line provided with equipment.

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