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Rack-A-Tiers 84000 Dirt Bag

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Rack-A-Tiers 84000 Dirt Bag 

Magnetic metal shaving catcher bag for drilling

The Dirt Bag clings to metal surfaces to catch all debris when drilling. Using rare earth magnets, the Dirt Bag attracts and catches metal shavings in a pouch made of fiberglass cloth. Prevent dangerous metal chips from landing in your electrical panels with this easy-to-use magnetic chip collector. 

Every electrician has tried to hold a cardboard box in the panel with one hand while drilling with the other. This is unsafe, and awkward, and will never catch every metal chip. Free up your other hand with this magnetic chip collector so you can steady the drill for precise cuts instead of trying to catch shavings. 

The removable magnet slot makes it easy to dispose of metal shavings inside the bag. Just slide the magnet out and dump the shavings. This is a fast and efficient way to ensure your electrical panel stays clean and organized, saving you clean-up time. 

Mfg Note: Not to be used on live panels.

  • Frame measurements: 5″ x 5″ OD (Outside Diameter) – 3 7/8″ x 3 7/8″ ID (Inside Diameter). 
  • Outer bag: Latex leather, Inner bag: Fiberglass cloth, Plastic frame: ABS. 
  • Anti-static liner. 
  • LESS MESS  Using cardboard to deflect or catch shavings will never be completely effective. Vacuum cleaners are difficult to fit in cramped spaces. The Dirt Bag is the best way to ensure you catch every metal shaving before it gets lost in your electrical panel. 
  • QUICK CLEAN – With Dirt Bag, you can drill holes in metal without having to stop and clean up metal shavings. This magnetic shaving catcher lets you spend more time working instead of cleaning. 
  • EFFICIENT – Why use cardboard to deflect shavings when you can just use the Dirt Bag? This tool allows you to use both hands for drilling so you can cut clean holes faster. The Dirt Bag compresses to fit into smaller areas so you can enjoy its ease of use during any job. 
  • PROTECTION  Metal chips can cause permanent damage to delicate electrical components like controls, breakers, switchgears, terminal blocks, contactors, and relays. Use the Dirt Bag to prevent metal shavings from landing in hard-to-reach areas and causing damage during electrical panel installation. 
  • SAFETY – Fewer loose metal shavings reduce your risk of injury. Rather than fishing around a cramped electrical box with your hands to clear out sharp metal shavings, you can trust this shaving catcher to capture them first. 


It is difficult to fit a cardboard box in cramped electrical panels. Dirt Bag’s metal shaving compartment is made of a soft material that can be compressed to fit in smaller areas. With a 5” x 5” outside diameter, Dirt Bag is big enough to catch every metal shaving, yet small enough to fit most electrical panels. 

Permanently solve your metal shaving collection problem with the Dirt Bag. You’ll never have to worry about making a mess or damaging electrical components again. 

You can create the ultimate metal shaving catching system by pairing the Dirt Bag with the Chip Catcher magnetic metal shaving catcher. With the Chip Catcher surrounding your drill, and the Dirt Bag underneath, it will be nearly impossible for any metal shavings to escape. 

Dirt Bag is the perfect tool for use with Rack-A-Tiers hole cutting tools like Multi-Bit Step Drill or any of our carbide-tipped hole cutters. 

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