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Rack-A-Tiers 52480BK Mark My Wire - Wire Marking System, Black

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Rack-A-Tiers 52480BK Mark My Wire - Wire Marking System, Black

A high-density, quick-drying wire marker that makes permanently re-coloring wires simple and fast. With just one pass you can completely and evenly coat wires sized #14 to #10 using the hole. For wires larger than #10 you can use the notched tip. Whether you are reidentifying white wires on NM cables or travelers on 3-way lighting circuits, this marker is the perfect option for changing the color of your wires. 

Mark My Wire is available in black, blue, red or white wire paint. 

This simple tool will completely revolutionize your approach to color-coding wires. You can pass wires size #14 to #10, stranded or solid, right through the hole but larger wires can still be painted using the notched tip. Fully functional as a normal felt tip pen, this wire marking system should be your first choice for wire re-coloring. 



  • SAVE TIME – The convenient hole lets you thread your wire through the marker’s tip. This makes wire reidentification a breeze as you mark the entire wire in seconds with one smooth motion. No more tedious phase taping. 
  • LESS MESS – Work clean, organized, and consistent. The hole and notch system gives you more control over the marker and wire, preventing paint from covering your fingers or other wires. This wire marker also produces cleaner looking results than tape and in less time. 
  • PORTABLE – Easily able to fit in a tool pouch or bag, this electrical wire marker takes care of all your wire re-colouring needs without taking up too much space.