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Pipe Vise PV01 Bigfoot 1.5" Steel Pipe Vise

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Pipe Vise PV01 Bigfoot 1.5" Steel Pipe Vise

The Bigfoot is the original portable Pipe Vise™. The spring loaded jaws grip everything from pipes, fittings, and valves all the way to nuts, bolts, and hydraulic lines. The generous footprint on the Bigfoot offers great stability when assembling piping and fittings. While not as lightweight as the Bigfoot Ultralight, the Bigfoot’s sturdiness makes it ideal for working with heavier/more awkwardly shaped parts.



  • Heavy duty steel body offers a solid base when wrenching on awkwardly shaped parts
  • Weight: 7lbs
  • Patent pending spring-loaded Double-V jaws rapidly adjust to any pipe size within capacity in seconds
  • Non-skid rubber feet secure the tool during operation and prevent marring
  • Quick change jaws allow for replacement of top and bottom jaws in under 5 minutes with basic tools


  • Assembly and pre-fabrication of pipe, fittings, and valves
  • Medium duty disassembly
  • Soldering


  • Intended for use with wrenches up to 14” in length
  • Minimum: 1/8” Pipe
  • Maximum: 1.5” Pipe and 1” fittings


Weight: 7 Lbs.
Maximum Diameter: 1-1/2" Pipe & 1" Fittings
Minimum Diameter: 1/8" Pipe