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Nu-Calgon 4774-1 Coil Gun Probe

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Nu-Calgon 4774-1 Coil Gun Probe

For use with Nu-Calgon’s popular Coil Gun (4774-0) in the cleaning of air-cooled condenser coils. The Coil Gun Probe is a time saving accessory with its 90º direction of spray that allows cleaning from inside the coil. In many cases, this can be accomplished without removing the top cover of the outdoor unit. Also, the tool provides easy access in tough to reach locations to discharge debris and emulsified grime in an outwardly direction from the coil.

  • Accessory to Nu-Calgon Coil Gun for quicker and easier cleaning
  • 90º direction of spray
  • Long probe provides easy access for  “inside out” cleaning of coils
  • For use with Nu-Calgon coil cleaners

Application Guidelines

  • MAKE SURE POWER IS DISCONNECTED. Evaluate the general condition of the sprayer components before each cleaning.
  • Connect special Coil Gun Probe adapter into the outlet of the mixing head of the Nu-Calgon Coil Gun.
  • Ensure the adapter is securely fastened into the mixing head to create a reliable seal. Using care in its assembly, including the use of the retaining clip on the adapter, will prevent chemical leakage from occurring.
  • Hook water hose to Coil Gun; ensure no kinks or adverse wear in pressure hose.
  • Turn on water to Coil Gun.
  • Add appropriate Nu-Calgon coil cleaner to Coil Gun bottle, securely fasten to mix head.
  • Finally select the desired mixing ratio setting.

Directions for Use

  1. Disconnect power to unit before cleaning.
  2. Always wear eye and face protection; plus protective clothing such as rubber gloves, rubber boots and rubber apron.
  3. Ensure cleaning occurs in a well-ventilated, open area.
  4. IMPORTANT: Before spraying, identify the exit of Coil Gun Probe – always ensure flow is always pointed away from you.
  5. Now insert Coil Gun Probe into coil. (In certain situations, due to height of the equipment, it may be desirable to insert the probe into the fan shroud prior to connecting to the Coil Gun.)
  6. Proceed with cleaning from the inside by spraying debris outwardly from the coil. (Again, be sure not to spray solution back in direction of where you are standing.)
  7. Thoroughly spray coil and allow a 5-10 minute dwell time for the cleaning solution to emulsify grime on the coil.
  8. Turn to water-only setting on the Coil Gun (Ø on mixing head). Thoroughly rinse coil off with water to remove any chemistry from coil. Always run fresh water through the Coil Gun and Coil Gun Probe after using a chemical to maximize device life.
  9. Turn off water to the Coil Gun and relieve the pressure by depressing the pistol grip before disconnecting the hose.
  10. Return equipment to service.


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