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Nu-Calgon 4773-0 Clean Connect Sprayer

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Nu-Calgon 4773-0 Clean Connect Sprayer

The Clean Connect Sprayer is uniquely developed for the use of Nu-Brite 4x (4291-90), Alka-Brite Plus 4x (4120-90) and Tri-Pow’r HD 4x (4371-90) concentrate coil cleaners for cleaning outdoor air cooled HVAC/R coils. The bottles in each of these cleaners contain a specific dilution tip insert assembly to where the Clean Connect Sprayer simply is hooked to the bottle and go! No more pouring and spilling of coil cleaner – the sprayer offers a cleaner connect system. The Clean Connect System provides the opportunity to take less space on the truck, easier to ship to the job and handle at the jobsite. Sprayer comes with carrying bag.

  • Cleaner connecting – no more pouring or spilling
  • Approach takes up less space on trucks
  • Use what is needed- simply cap bottle for next job
  • Easy to carry to remote locations/rooftops
  • Sprayer comes with nylon mesh carrying bag



This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

    1. Goggles, gloves and other protective garments must be worn when using this sprayer with Nu-Calgon coil cleaners. System must be shut-off; remove any equipment coverings that are necessary to properly clean the outdoor coil.
    2. At the coil to be cleaned, open the bottle cap of Nu-Brite 4X, Alka-Brite Plus 4X or Tri-Pow’r HD 4X. When opening the bottle, a small amount of residue might be present under the cap due to shipment – this is normal.
    3. Hook the desired cleaning attachment to the Clean Connect Sprayer until it snaps firmly into place.
    4. Hook up water supply with a water hose to the Clean Connect Sprayer, and open access valve to allow flow to sprayer.
    5. Facing the coil, grab the bottle of the sprayer, without depressing handle, and the spray accessory end. Toggle to clean mode on sprayer (chemistry beaker image) while depressing the Clean Connect Sprayer handle to dispense the cleaner on the dirty outdoor coil. Allow dispensed cleaner to work for 5-10 minutes on the coil before rinsing.
    6. Hook up the standard hose assembly until this assembly snaps firmly into place.
    7. Toggle to rinse mode on sprayer (bucket image) and rinse coil thoroughly with water.
    8. If the cleaner bottle was emptied, properly discard. If cleaner remains in the bottle, simply remove from the Clean Connect Sprayer and cap bottle so it can be used for a future cleaning.
    9. Close access valve to stop water flow to sprayer, remove sprayer from hose and package Clean Connect Sprayer in supplied mesh nylon bag and store properly on vehicle to protect sprayer’s plastic components.
    10. If desired, apply Cal-Shield, as a coil protectant by using a separate pump-up sprayer.
    11. Return the equipment back to service. Warning: Never transport the Clean Connect Sprayer attached to coil cleaner bottle since leakage will occur.

Always detach sprayer from bottle and cap to use cleaner at another jobsite.


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