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Nu-Calgon 4371-90 Tri-Pow’r HD 4x Concentrate 1 Quart Bottle Coil Cleaner

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Nu-Calgon 4371-90 Tri-Pow’r HD 4x Concentrate 1 Quart Bottle Coil Cleaner

The ideal environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaner that’s perfect for cleaning air-cooled condensers, evaporator coils, permanent filters, fan blades, motors and other general cleaning needs. Tri-Pow’r HD is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner that is very unique when compared to other similar alkaline coil cleaners. It’s based upon positive emulsion technology which is the most effective technology used for removing grease and grime. Tri-Pow’r HD emulsifies or converts greasy deposits into a fluid or liquid form that can be easily flushed. It also contains a surfactant for “wetting” the greasy deposits as well as corrosion inhibitors for protecting equipment surfaces. It’s non-acid, non-toxic, biodegradable and very safe to use and it’s a deodorizer as well.

Tri-Pow’r HD 4X is a new concentrate version available in a ready-to-use quart bottle. One concentrate quart equals one gallon traditional Tri-Pow’r HD (at 4:1 dilution use). Tri-Pow’r HD 4X takes less space on truck, is easy to carry on roofs, and has cleaner connecting – no more pouring or spilling. The specially developed packaging has a dilution insert assembly; simply use what is needed, cap bottle and use for another job. The product ships as a limited quantity – easier to get to the job site. Tri-Pow’r HD 4X requires the Clean Connect Sprayer.

Tri-Pow’r Ultra Concentrate delivers the heavy-duty performance of our Tri-Pow’r HD product in an ultra-concentrate form. The ultra-concentrate quart reduces space and weight by 75% when storing on your truck or transporting to rooftop or remote coils. Tri-Pow’r Ultra Concentrate can be mixed traditionally or used
with Nu-Calgon’s Coil Gun at a 10:1 (setting E) dilution.



This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

Goggles, gloves and other protective garments should be worn when using this product. System must be shut off.

  1. Apply using any of the Nu-Calgon sprayers or other durable, low pressure, plastic sprayer.
  2. Prepare cleaning solution by mixing one part Tri-Pow’r HD with four parts water. Add the water to the sprayer first, then add Tri-Pow’r HD.
  3. Spray Tri-Pow’r HD solution onto dirty surface and allow it to remain in contact for 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  5. Apply Cal-Shield® as a coil protectant and return system to service.
  6. Rinse out sprayer, spraying wand and nozzle.
  7. When the container is empty, rinse, replace cap and dispose of properly.

EVAPORATORS: Cleaning an evaporator coil in a “no-rinse” procedure can be done by preparing a solution of 1 part Tri-Pow’r HD to 10 parts water and applying with a sprayer. If this application is used, do so only where there is sufficient humidity being condensed from the air to provide rinsing.

PERMANENT FILTERS: When cleaning greasy components in a tub, add 1 ounce of Tri-Pow’r HD to each gallon of water. Allow parts to soak for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water.


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