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Nu-Calgon 4371-75 Tri-Pow’r HD Aerosol Coil Cleaner

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Nu-Calgon 4371-75 Tri-Pow’r HD Aerosol Coil Cleaner

Tri-Pow’r HD aerosol provides a powerful foaming spray to assist in lifting debris off of coils. It’s a detergent, degreaser and deodorizer – all in one convenient spray. Suitable for any coil design, including microchannel. Tri-Pow’r HD can be used for evaporator “no-rinse” applications where ample condensate will self-rinse the coil.

The ideal environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaner that’s perfect for cleaning air-cooled condensers, evaporator coils, permanent filters, fan blades, motors and other general cleaning needs. Tri-Pow’r HD is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner that is very unique when compared to other similar alkaline coil cleaners. It’s based upon positive emulsion technology which is the most effective technology used for removing grease and grime. Tri-Pow’r HD emulsifies or converts greasy deposits into a fluid or liquid form that can be easily flushed. It also contains a surfactant for “wetting” the greasy deposits as well as corrosion inhibitors for protecting equipment surfaces. It’s non-acid, non-toxic, biodegradable and very safe to use and it’s a deodorizer as well.

  • Tri-Pow’r HD aerosol provides a powerful foaming spray
  • Detergent-Degreaser-Deodorizer
  • Ideal for microchannel
  • Suitable for any coil design
  • Rapid emulsification of grease and grime



This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

  1. Turn off or disconnect power to unit being serviced.
  2. Remove any heavy or matted soils that can be easily dislodged by hand.
  3. Do not spray into electrical components.
  4. Shake well before using. Remove cap and point toward surface to be cleaned.

Condensers: Inject cleaner into the coil. Expanding foam will penetrate throughout the coil. Wait a few minutes for foam to liquefy and remove grease and grime within coil. Rinse with water. For stubborn or heavy deposits, repeat applications may be necessary.

Introduce cleaner into coil, it is not necessary to rinse — the condensate will rinse the coil.


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