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Nu-Calgon 4301-05 Rx-Acid Scavenger (Pressurized), Acid Neutralizer

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Nu-Calgon 4301-05 Rx-Acid Scavenger (Pressurized), Acid Neutralizer

The Rx-Acid Scavenger family of products provides a convenient way to neutralize or “scavenge” acid in refrigeration, air conditioning systems after burnouts or during normal on-going system maintenance. Normal dosage treatment of any Rx-Acid Scavenger product will address up to one gallon of system oil. All Rx-Acid Scavenger products are formulated for use with all lubricants - mineral, alkylbenzene, polyol ester (POE) and polyvinyl ether (PVE) lubricants. The traditional Rx-Acid Scavenger product uses a two fluid ounce treatment, whereas the new Rx-Acid Scavenger Connect Inject uses a new formulation to improve the acid scavenging rate in POE and PVE lubricant systems.

  • Eliminates acid build-up in A/C and refrigeration systems
  • Protects against future acid circulation
  • Helps prevent compressor burnout
  • Compatible with all oils and refrigerants 
  • System safe - leaves no harmful by-products


Directions for Liquid Bottle (4301-02)

After Burnouts:

  1. Remove and properly dispose of used oil and refrigerant, and replace burned out compressor.

  2. Establish system’s oil capacity.

  3. Determine the required amount of Rx-Acid Scavenger using the dosage chart on the enclosed detailed instructions.

  4. Add Rx-Acid Scavenger to system as directed by adding the product directly into the compressor of an opened system or injected directly by using the Universal Treatment Injector (P/N 4779-0). Return system to service.


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