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Midwest MWT-6900R Upright Right-Cutting Aviation Snip

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Midwest MWT-6900R Upright Right-Cutting Aviation Snip

Our GLIDE-TECH® FORGED BLADES produce the cleanest, fastest, most comfortable cut possible with less hand force. These blades cut from "pinch through point" requiring fewer re-bites when cutting long sheets and provide the precision needed for tight turns. Our UPRIGHT models are ergonomically designed to improve wrist range motion. They are proudly Made In The USA to Midwest Tools Performance Standards.

Upright aviation snips make cutting in confined or overhead spaces easy. Can be used with blades up or down in a pulling motion. An ergonomic design improves the users range of wrist motion. Blade pivot bolt is threaded into bottom blade keeping blades in adjustment for ease of operation. Top and bottom blades are serrated to hold material during cutting, creating a clean edge.

  • Reduces wrist range motion and fatigue with ergonomic design
  • Usable with blades up or blades down with a push or pull motion
  • Ideal for operating in tight spaces
  • Use in left hand
  • GLIDETECH® FORGED BLADES provide unequalled strength, longest lasting edge life, and the most precise cutting action
  • KUSH'N-POWER® compound leverage handle action multiples handle force
  • Nominal Length:  8"
  • Cut Length:  1-1/4"
  • Cutting Capacity (CR/SS):  24/28
  • Cuts tight right curves and straight
  • Made in the USA