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MARS 19551 551 Potential Relay, 332V

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MARS 19551 551 Potential Relay, 332V

The MARS 550 and 551 relays were specifically developed for submersible pump and other motor starting applications in high moisture environments. Because the control panels for these are often located in areas of high humidity, the components on them must resist the effects of moisture. Chrome plating on the core and armature and the relatively small area of contact eliminates armature sticking due to organic contaminants which was the number one cause of relay failure.

  • Used on F.E. Meyers, Franklin Electric, Jacuzzi, Red Jacket, Sta-Rite, and Tait
  • 2 relays replace over 25 O.E.M. relays
  • Universal break-off bracket on each relay. Simply snap-off parts not needed
  • UL and CSA listings available


 Continuous Coil Voltage Pick-Up Min. Pick-Up Max. Drop-Out Min. Drop-Out Max.
332 244 270 40 90