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Lucas Milhaupt 95120 HANDY-FLO 6 28 Rods, 6% Silver

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Lucas Milhaupt 95120 HANDY-FLO 6 28 Rods, 6% Silver

Handy-Flo 6 is a silver-copper-phosphorus alloy used for brazing copper to copper or copper to copper alloys, most often in the HVAC industry. It should not be used on ferrous or nickel base materials due to the brittle intermetallic that forms. The phosphorus in the Handy-Flo 6 serves as a fluxing agent, so the alloy does not require flux for copper to copper joints. Flux is recommended for copper to brass joints.

  • Joins CU to CU (phosphorus serves as flux)
  • Joins CU to Brass (flux is recommended)
  • Melts & flows at temperatures very close to 15% Ag
  • Slow flow
  • Made in USA

Industry Applications:

HVAC/R refrigerant systems, air conditioning coils, evaporator coils


Handy-Flo 6 SDS

Handy-Flo 6 TDS


Product Specifications

Nominal Composition: Silver 6.00, Copper 88.00, Phosphorous 6.00
Liquidus: 1460 °F, 795 °C
Solidus: 1190 °F, 645 °C