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Klein Tools 85153K Slotted Screw Holding Driver Kit, 3/16-Inch and 1/4-Inch

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Klein Tools 85153K  Slotted Screw Holding Driver Kit, 3/16-Inch and 1/4-Inch

The Klein Tools 2-Piece Slotted Screw-Holding Screwdriver Set is designed with positive gripping action to hold, start and drive slotted screws in awkward, hard-to-reach places. The unique split-blade screw-holding driver can wedge into the screw slot. The exclusive Cushion-Grip™ handles offer greater torque and outstanding comfort.

  • Slotted Screw Holding Driver Set includes 2 driver sizes: 3/16-Inch, 1/4-Inch
  • Slotted screw-holding feature mechanically holds screws to work where stainless steel is required
  • Essential when working with non-magnetic screws and installing overhead fixtures
  • Durable to start and drive screws with 1 tool
  • Engage the screw holding feature with just the slide of your thumb
  • Cushion-Grip™ handle for greater torque and comfort
  • Helps prevent dropping slotted screws on the jobsite
  • Built to handle the tough jobs with ease

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