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JCM Industries 101-0238-12 2" - 2-1/2" x 12" Universal Clamp Coupling

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JCM Industries 101-0238-12 2" - 2-1/2" x 12" Universal Clamp Coupling (IPS/PVC, Steel, IPS/HDPE)

JCM 101 Universal Clamp Couplings meet all Three R’s Robust, Reliable and Ready!

JCM Universal Clamp Couplings provide a full circumferential seal and wide range for the permanent repair or reconnection of pipe. Most popular and economical clamp provides a full circumferential seal and wide range. Sizes 1-1/2″ – 12″.

  • Balanced, Low Profile Ductile Iron lugs (ASTM A536) with mutually supporting sliding fingers provide distortion free tightening over a wide range. Ductile Iron lugs off er corrosion resistance and an efficient method of transfer of energy from the fastener attachment directly to compression of the gasket.
  • Corrosion Resistant Type 304 Stainless Steel Band conforms to pipe irregularities, maintains sealing pressure over the entire gasket area. Design criteria requires gauge thickness increase with clamp size. This is just one of the design points which enables JCM Universal Clamp Couplings to withstand the internal forces involved with large pipe repair.
  • Positive Attachment of stainless band to lugs is a structurally sound fabrication design element which accommodates the greater torque capabilities ensuring permanent repairs on high pressure applications.
  • Gridded Gasket with long tapered ends and recessed bridge plate assures even gasket pressure through out the range - without wrinkling or crimping. Diamond gridded, 1/4” thick gasket (JCM standard on nominal sizes 4” and larger) adapt to pitted or uneven pipe surfaces to completely seal damaged areas. Standard gasket is compounded for use with water, salt solutions, mild acids, bases and sewage. Other gasket compounds for exotic line contents are available.
  • Larger Bolts for greater torque ratings are provided on 10” clamps and larger. The 3/4” bolts have bolt torque capability in excess of 100 ft. lbs. These higher torque value capabilities allow JCM Universal Clamp Couplings to go beyond the “standard installation.”

Clamp O.D. Range (IN):  2.35 - 2.63



  1. Determine O.D. of pipe.
  2. Select proper clamp O.D. range and width.
  3. Determine Model Number. Model 101 for standard clamp, 171 for Removeable lug system.
  4. Specify clamp number.

Example: To fi t Cast Iron pipe, 6.90 O.D. with 6” width, order: 101-0690-6 or 171-0690-6


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