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JB Industries BRZ1000 Braze-Rite Nitrogen Purging Adapter

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JB Industries BRZ1000 Braze-Rite Nitrogen Purging Adapter

Nitrogen purging adapter for ACR pipe.

Quickly connects to manifold gauge hose, and slips easily and securely into pipe. Allows for bleed of nitrogen through pipe being brazed, keeping the pipes clean and oxide-free. Stepped to fit most common ACR pipe sizes, making it fast to go from one tube to the next. Saves time and money and helps maintain equipment manufacturer's system performance and installation guidelines. No more duct taping your hoses to the pipe!

Made in the USA.

Range:  5/16" - 1-3/64" Copper Tube OD

  1. Debur the ACR pipe and dry fit together with all possible fittings
  2. Connect the Braze-Rite adapter to your nitrogen source
  3. Make sure the end of the pipe is OPEN
  4. Insert the Braze-Rite adapter into the ACR pipe
  5. Adjust nitrogen level to 1 to 5 lbs psig
  6. Go down the pipe brazing the areas that need joining