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iO HVAC Controls iO-CL55 Temp-Stat™ 55° Compressor Lock-Out Thermostat, Cooling Only

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iO HVAC Controls iO-CL55 Temp-Stat™ 55° Compressor Lock-Out Thermostat, Cooling Only, Individual

The iO-CL55 is a creep action, non-adjustable thermostat with conductive bimetal construction that has gold diffused contacts for low internal resistance. The thermostat is used for compressor protection when the outdoor ambient temperature is below 55 F. The entire ° thermostat is metal encapsulated and protected by an outer PVC jacket. The thermostat is a switch for low voltage applications of less than 1Amp @ 24VAC. It is a resistive load or NOT sensor.

When refrigeration systems are exposed to low ambient conditions, the condensing pressure (head pressure) will fall. If the head pressure gets too low, the metering device will not have enough pressure drop across it to operate properly. The metering device will underfeed the evaporator and a low pressure will result in the evaporator. This can cause the compressor to short cycle from the low pressure control, opening prematurely. Once the refrigeration system is off, it may never turn back on again because the evaporator pressure may never reach the cut-in pressure of the low-pressure control. The iO-CL55 is designed to prevent head pressures from falling too low. The thermostat is installed outdoors near the compressor but on a non-vibrating surface. The thermostat wires in series with the low voltage ‘Y’ wire to the compressor. When the outdoor ambient temperature falls below 55 F the thermostat contacts will open and prevent the compressor from running on a call for cooling.



  • Dimensions:
    • Overall Length:  5.875"
    • Wire Lead Length:  4.74"
  • Construction:  
    • Thermostat:  Metal encapsulated with outer PVC jacket
    • Leads:  Pre-stripped, 20 AWG stranded rated at 600V with PVC jacket
  • Electrical:  
    • Voltage:  For 24 Volt control circuits only
    • Maximum Current:  1.0 Amp
    • Differential:  1.5° F


Product Brochure

iO-CL55 Specification Sheet

Temp-Stat Specification Sheet

120 Line Voltage Wiring Diagram

240 Line Voltage Wiring Diagram