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ICM Controls ICM286 Furnace Control Board - Replacement for Goodman

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ICM Controls ICM286 Furnace Control Board - Replacement for Goodman

The ICM286 Furnace Control Board is a form, fit and functional replacement for Goodman's popular PCBBF112(S) or B1809926(S) control board. It features micro-processor based precision with a status LED for testing and easy troubleshooting.

  • Microprocessor-based precision
  • Controls inducer and blower fan motors, hot surface ignitor, and gas valve
  • Monitors timing, trial for ignition, flame sensing, pressure and limit switches, and lockout
  • Designed for 100% gas shutoff in case of ignition failure
  • Reverse polarity connection 
  • Twinning compatible with another ICM286 board
  • Compatible with LP or natural gas 
  • Diagnostic LED to aid in testing/troubleshooting



  • Trial for ignition:  7 seconds
  • Pre-purge time:  15 seconds
  • Ignitor warm up time:  7 seconds
  • Post-purge time:  15 seconds
  • Total trials for ingition:  3 (auto reset after 1 hour)
  • Heat blower ON:  30 seconds
  • Heat blower OFF:  Selectable 90/120/150/180 seconds
  • Fan (Heat) ON/OFF delay:  1 second
  • Cool ON:  5 seconds
  • Cool OFF:  45 seconds



    • Voltage Range:  Line (98-132 VAC) @ 60Hz
    • Cool Blower:  30A, 2 HP, 240 VAC
    • Heat:  20A, 240 VAC
    • Inducer Motor:  4A FLA, 8A LRA @ 120 VAC
    • Ignitor:  10A FLA @ 120 VAC
    • Humidifier:  5 amps @ 120 VAC
    • Electric Air Cleaner:  5 amps @ 120 VAC



    • Goodman:  PCBBF112, PCBBF112S, B1809926, B1809926S, 0130F00005, 0130F00005S

    Main Operation

    On the application of power, the control will continuously monitor the rollout switch, limit switch, pressure switch, gas valve output and flame sense. During a Call for Heat, the control makes sure the limit switch is closed and the pressure switch contact is open before turning on the Inducer blower, which will be energized for 15-seconds in a pre-purge mode. Following the pre-purge period, the pressure switch contact is closed and power is applied to the hot surface ignitor (there is a 7-second warm-up period). The gas valve is energized if a flame is sensed during this 7-second trial-for-ignition period, the blower motor will turn on following a 30-second delay. When the call for heat ends, the control will turn off the gas valve, the inducer blower will turn off after a 15-second post-purge period, and the heat blower will turn off after the jumper-selectable period of time (if jumper is missing, default Heat Blower Off delay is 120 seconds). During a Call for Cool, the control will energize the cool blower after a 5-second delay. When the call for cool ends, the control will turn the cool blower off after a 45-second delay.


    The ICM286 is Twinning compatible with another ICM286 control board only. By connecting the designated “TWIN” screw terminals and the 24 VAC common together, the controls are designed to turn on/off the blower simultaneously and at the same speed. (NOTE: An external AC relay, whose coil is connected between R & W of the primary furnace and whose normally open contacts connect R & W of the secondary furnace, must be provided to cause both furnaces to heat). A common ground between the two furnaces is also required.


    Installation Guide