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ICM Controls ICM2811 Furnace Control Board - Replacement for Goodman

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ICM Controls ICM2811 Furnace Control Board - Replacement for Goodman

The ICM2811 is a form, fit, and functional Goodman OEM replacement board. The ICM2811 is an automated gas ignition control board which monitors the ignition sequence including the combustion air blower, pressure switch, hot surface igniter, gas valve, flame sense, and circulating blower while maintaining full safety circuit monitoring including the high limit switch, roll out switch and auxiliary limit switch circuits. Onboard diagnostics will illuminate a flash code to help technicians properly diagnose issues quickly.

  • Controls the gas valve, inducer draft motor, circulating blower and hot surface ignitor
  • Monitors system pressure and limit switches
  • Microprocessor based precision
  • Twinning compatible with another ICM2811 Control Board
  • Diagnostic LEDs aid in testing and troubleshooting



  • Input voltage:  18-30 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Igniter current:  6.0 amp @ 120 VAC 50/60 Hz (resistive)
  • Inducer relay:  2.2 FLA-3.5 LRA @ 120 VAC
  • Blower relay:  14.5 FLA-25.0 LRA @ 120 VAC (2spd-H/C)
  • Gas valve relay:  1.5 amp @ 25 VAC 50/60 Hz 0.6 pf
  • Operating temperature:  -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)
  • Humidity range:  5 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions:  5.75" x 4.50" x 1.25"



    • Goodman:  PCBBF110, PCBBF110S, PCBBF123, PCBBF123S, 0130F00005,0130F00005S, PCBBF112, PCBBF112S, B18099-26, B18099-26S
    • White-Rodgers:  50A55-743, 50A55-289, 50T55-289
    • ICM:  ICM286

    Main Operation

    Upon a call for heat, the thermostat will energize the W terminal with 24 VAC. With the heat call in place, the inducer fan and humidifier (optional) will be energized thus closing a pressure safety switch. The control will enter a 15 second inducer pre purge cycle. Upon verification of the pressure switch closure and completion of the 15 second inducer pre-purge, the hot surface igniter is energized. There is a 9 second igniter warm up period before energizing the gas valve. Once the gas valve is energized, gas flows into the burners where it is ignited by the hot surface igniter. Once the burners are on, the flame is sensed by a flame rectification circuit and flame sensor. There is a 4 second trial for ignition period where the control checks the flame signal and proves the flame. Once flame is proven, the hot surface igniter is turned off 1 second later and there will be a 30 second delay before energizing the main blower. When the call for heat ends, the gas valve is de-energized, burners go off, flame is proven lost and there is a fixed 15 second inducer post purge to purge any residual exhaust gases from the system. Following the inducer post purge the inducer and humidifier are turned off and subsequently the heat blower is turned off after the user selected post purge delay time expires.

    Upon a call for cooling, the Y terminal is energized with 24 VAC and a 5 second cool blower ON delay begins. After the ON delay expires, the EAC and cool blower outputs are energized. Once the call for cooling ends, there is a 45 second cooling blower post purge OFF delay to purge the residual cool air from the ductwork. At the end of the OFF delay, the cool blower and EAC are turned off.


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