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ICM Controls ICM220 Lockout Protection Relay, 18-30 VAC

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ICM Controls ICM220 Lockout Protection Relay, 18-30 VAC

Lockout protection relay to help eliminate nuisance lockouts typical of Series 84 and 93 impedance relays.

Monitors various switch inputs to help protect your compressor.

  • Low cost lockout relay
  • Ideal for use with safety/interlock switches
  • Replaces impedance relay Series 84 and 93
  • UL 873 recognition as a compressor controller



  • Voltage:  18-30 VAC
  • Frequency:  50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption:  2 watts maximum @ lockout
  • Relay:  1 form C
  • Contacts:  2 amps @ 30 VAC resistive
  • Dimensions:  2.00" x 2.00" x 1.25"



  • Essex:  Impedance Relays Series 84 and 93


    Mode of Operation

    Upon application of power with the safety switches closed, the load will energize. If any of the safety switches open for longer than 600 ms, the fault light will come on and the load will stay de-energized regardless of the state of the safety switches. Power must then be removed for 100 ms and safety switches must be closed in order to reenergize the load, upon which the fault light will be off.


    Sell Sheet

    Installation Guide