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ICM Controls ECA100-11-208032 3-PHASE Motor Protection Relay 208/220VAC 10-32A

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ICM Controls ECA100-11-208032 3-PHASE Motor Protection Relay 208/220VAC 10-32A



**Image is used for representation purposes only. The item being sold is the 10-32A version.**

Protect your most valuable investments!

ECA100-11 is a series of micro-controlled 3-phase motor protection current, voltage monitoring relays. Designed to protect electrical motors from failure and damage due to common current and voltage faults.

The ECA100-11’s constantly supervise current and line voltage values and when any harmful condition occurs, the output is deactivated until the fault disappears. These units feature two setting knobs in order to select the maximum allowed current (FLA) and start up delay (TC) once the voltage fault disappears. It also features four LED’s for output status and fault detection.

  • Measuring of Current, Voltage
  • Adjustable Parameters: overload, after fault start up delay, start mode
  • Four LED indicator lights for status/fault detection
  • Reports: Load, Voltage, Current, Adjustment values, Start Mode, Last 20 Faults and power frequency
  • Din rail, or flat surface mounting
  • Comm Port (MODBUS RTU protocol on RS485@9600 baud output)
  • Meets IEEE, IEC & NEMA standards, UL Listed



SymCom: 601, 601-575, 455, 455-575, 455-480R

Wagner: DTP-3

A-1: EAC-8002

Time Mark: 274, 2744, 272, 2722


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    Installation Guide 

    ECA100-11-208012  Motor Protection Relay 208/220VAC 3.5-12A
    ECA100-11-208032 Motor Protection Relay 208/220VAC 10-32A
    ECA100-11-208080 Motor Protection Relay 208/220VAC 25-80A
    ECA100-11-480032 Motor Protection Relay 440/480VAC 10-32A
    ECA100-11-480080 Motor Protection Relay 440/480VAC 25-80A