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Hellberg Safety Classic PoP Headband Hearing Protection

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Hellberg Safety Classic PoP Headband Hearing Protection

PoP is primarily intended for short term use in low and medium noise level environments such as DIY projects, lawn mowing and hobby activities like wood and metal working. Single-point attachment ensures that the pressure is always distributed evenly around the ears, regardless of the shape of your head. The headband design makes it suitable for small headsizes. This is one of the lightest earmuffs on the market, making it a good choice for the young hearing protection user.

  • Suitable for short term noise exposure


User Instructions

Product Sheet


Approval Info

EN standards approval:
SNR: 24
HML: 27-22-16
ANSI approval: ANSI S-3.19-1974
NRR: 22
CSA approval: CSA Z94.2-02
CSA Class: B
AU/NZS approval: AU/NZS 1270:2002
SLC80: 23
Class: 4
Environmental approvals: ROHS, REACH