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Harris 6620F1 Stay-Silv® 6 Phos-Copper-Silver Brazing Rods, 28 Sticks

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Harris 6620F1 Stay-Silv® 6 Phos-Copper-Silver Brazing Rods, 28 Sticks

Phos-copper-silver filler metal with a medium temperature range for brazing copper-to-copper and copper-to-brass with the use of flux for assemblies with wider clearances.

Stay-Silv 6 is slightly more fluid and can be used where closer tolerances are available. It is somewhat more ductile than Harris 0.

  • Medium range silver brazing filler metal designed for copper-to-copper applications
  • Can also be used on copper-to- brass with appropriate brazing flux
  • Has lower phosphorus content than the AWS BCuP- 4 classification, (Stay-Silv 6HP), this creates an alloy well suited for many brazing applications and the melting range makes it useful for assemblies with wider clearance
  • Often used in rod form for manual braze applications but is a good choice formed as brazing rings or on spools for semi-automated applications
  • Corrosion resistance is generally similar to copper base metal, but phosphorus containing alloys, including Stay-Silv 6, should not be used if the braze is exposed to sulfur or sulfur compounds in service
  • Medium range alloy is well suited where close fit-up cannot be maintained. Filler metal is somewhat more ductile than Phos Copper or Stay-Silv 2.
  • Not recommended for brazing steel or other ferrous base metals, as the phosphorus content promotes formation of low ductility intermetallic with the base metal
  • For copper-to-copper and copper-to-brass (using Stay-Silv" white brazing flux) applications.
  • Conforms to the EU Reach & RoHS directive


Chemical Composition:  Phosphorus 6.4-6.5%; Copper Remainder%

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