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Fieldpiece SPK3 Rod and IR Temperature Pocket Style Tool

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Fieldpiece SPK3 Rod and IR Temperature Pocket Style Tool

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Temperature On the Go

  • Great to quickly assess a system
  • Folding ROD for in duct measurements
  • 8:1 IR for register and ambient temps
  • Hands free in-duct measurements
  • Quickly calculates T1 - T2 across both ROD and IR

The SPK3 is a great tool to quickly take in-duct, ambient, and register temperatures.  It's a handy tool to assess a system and it fits conveniently in your pocket.  The ROD has a sharp, narrow tip to easiy insert into duct work, and the hanging hooks allows you to take hands-free measurements.  The bright back lite display flips between the IR and ROD measurements so readings are always easy to view.  Plus this handy tool quickly calculates T1 - T2 across both the IR and ROD modes, or a combination of the two.



  • Two AAA Batteries


SPK3 User Manual




  • Probe length:  94mm (~3.75”) long
  • Operating environment:  32°F to 104°F (<90% RH)
  • Storage environment:  14°F to 140°F (<70% RH)
  • Battery:  2 x AAA (installed)
  • Battery life (alkaline):  40 hrs (IR), 750 hrs (ROD)
  • Auto-off:  3 min, 15 min (T1-T2 mode)
  • IR range:  -20°F to 932°F (-30°C to 500°C)
  • Best resolution:  0.5°F/0.2°C
  • Accuracy:  (@73°F, <80%RH, calibrated @ 30cm)
    ±4°F(±2°C),(-20°F to 32°F);
    ±3°F(±1.5°C),(32°F to 50°F);
    ±2°F(±1°C),(50°F to 104°F);
    ±3°F(±1.5°C) or 1.5% of rdg,
  • Field of view (D:S):  8:1
  • Response time:  0.5 seconds
  • Wavelength:  8µm to 14µm
  • Emissivity:  E=0.95
  • Rod range:  40°F to 257°F (-40°C to 125°C)
  • Best resolution:  0.1°F/0.1°C
  • Accuracy:  (@73°F, <80%RH)
    ±1°F(±0.5°C), (32°F to 122°F);
    ±2°F(±1.0°C), (<32°F, >122°F)
  • Response time:  20 seconds