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DiversiTech CVMINI ClearVue™ Mini, Ductless / Mini-Split Condensate Pump

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DiversiTech CVMINI ClearVue™ Mini, Ductless / Mini-Split Condensate Pump

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Featuring super quiet operation, specifically designed for ductless system installations, and including iQ Technology™ and Floatless Sensor™, ClearVue™ Mini is chock full of innovative features, and priced competitively.


LED Indicator Lights

  • ClearVue™ Mini features three LED indicator lights: Ready, Pumping, and Alarm. The LED lights tell you what mode the pump is in at any given time.

Clear Tank

  • The clear tank feature of ClearVue™ Mini allows the user to see the activities inside allowing for faster and accurate troubleshooting.

Floatless Sensor™

  • Electromechanical float switches used in conventional condensate pumps are prone to mechanical failure including debris fouling, sunken floats, and misalignment. ClearVue Mini's Floatless Sensor™ eliminates the problems associated with conventional condensate pumps. No float, no problem.

Flexible Installation

  • ClearVue™ Mini is compact - only 3-1/2" x 2" x 3". It fits almost anywhere including inside a line set cover, inside the wall cassette unit (on some cassette models), and easily installs in ceiling or behind a wall. ClearVue™ Mini features suction lift of up to 6 feet.

Aluminum Pump Housing

  • ClearVue™ Mini features an aluminum housing that is built to last. This aluminum protects the pump from physical damage, and helps contribute to the super quiet operation of the pump.

Multiple Operating Voltage

  • ClearVue™ Mini can be powered with any voltage from 120 to 240V, 50 or 60 Hz. With one product suitable for multiple voltages, there is no need to stock separate SKUs for different voltages.

Rubber Mounting Pad

  • The molded rubber mounting pad can be used to mount ClearVue™ Mini to a vertical or horizontal surface; or to copper refrigerant lines with cable ties. The rubber pad decreases sound and vibration, contributing to a very quiet pump.

Separate Condensate Tank

  • Tank can be located away from pump if needed, allowing for flexible installation. The small tank fits inside most indoor cassettes.

Super Quiet

  • ClearVue™ Mini is nearly inaudible. The sound rating is significantly less than 20 dB. You literally can hardly hear the pump run. This quiet operation allows maximum installation flexibility, as you can place the pump right in the room with the wall cassette.

Built-in Overflow Switch

  • Shuts down the compressor in case of a clogged line, preventing damage to equipment or environment.

Variable Speed and Lift

  • ClearVue™ Mini determines how fast condensate is entering the tank and adjusts its speed and lift to match the conditions and keep the tank clear.



Rated Voltage/Freq.: 120/240 Volts 50/60Hz
Rated Current Draw: 1.0 Amps
AC Cable: 3 Cond. Jacketed Flex. PVC
Head Height: 10m/35’maximum
Flow Rate at Zero Head: 500mL/16.91oz/min    8 gallons/hr
Maximum Rated Inlet Flow Rate: 100mL/3.38oz/min
Temperature Rating: Continuous duty 60°C/140°F Max
Suction Lift: 2m/6.5’
Safety Switch: 5A at 230VAC
Product Dimensions: 8.6cm x 4cm x 4.7cm (3.38” x 1.57“ x 1.84”)
Product Weight: .5kg/1.1 lbs.
Inlet Height from Base: 1.3cm/0.5”
Included Accessories: • ClearVue Mini pump and tank • Instruction booklet •Wire ties • 20.3cm/8” large flexible tubing • Hook and loop strips • 15.2cm/6” small .5cm / 3/16” ID flexible vent tubing • 1.82m/6’ small .5cm / 3/16” I.D. flexible tubing • 1.82m/6’ AC cable, safety switch cable and sensor cable
Wiring Color References:

Brown - Hot 120v/hot 240v

Blue - Neutral 120v/hot 240v

Green/yellow - Ground

Decibel Rating:

@35ml/min 19dB

@250 ml/min 24dB

@500 ml/min 28.4dB