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DiversiTech CS-2 Condensate Float Switch - PVC Elbow

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DiversiTech CS-2 Condensate Float Switch - PVC Elbow

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DiversiTech Flood Prevention Switches are simple to install, easy to service and extremely reliable. As water level in the auxiliary or main drain pipe rises due to a clogged air conditioning condensate drain, the switch shuts off the system—thus preventing water from overflowing and causing damage to doors, walls and ceilings. At the heart of the switch is a durable yet precise magnetic reed switch. Constructed of materials that will not rust or stick, the switch operates smoothly every time.

  • Small size for serviceability
  • A pull-to-test lever for verifying correct installation
  • An integrated light indicator notifying a homeowner or technician activation has occurred
  • A versatile and durable design
  • An internal surge protector reducing the risk of switch damage and the associated flooding
  • Proven magnetic reed switch