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DiversiTech CC-1 Condensate Cop™ Clamp-On Condensate Float Switch

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DiversiTech CC-1 Condensate Cop™ Clamp-On Condensate Float Switch

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Condensate Cop™ is a unique clamp-on float switch intended for HVAC drain pan installation. The Condensate Cop™ features a large over-clamping area that fits easily over the edge of all types of drain pans; including formed plastic and galvanized sheet metal.

A separate float/probe assembly swivels to accommodate drain pans having sloped sides. The swivel action allows the installer to position the float switch for best operation and then clamp it into place. The probe features an inlet grill which prevents the float from being blocked or damaged by insulation or other debris. Sealed inside the probe is a magnetically actuated normally closed switch. The switch opens when rising water presents a potential flooding condition. Two wire connection for easy hook up to a thermostat "Y" (compressor) circuit. Provided complete with 5’ (1.5 meter) leads, wire nuts, and clamping screws. Small size, 24V/1.5 amp NC reed switch. ETL Listed File Number 3166285.

  • Simple to install
    • Diversitech Flood Prevention Switch installs in just minutes in the primary or auxiliary drain line. They are also quick and easy to access if service is required.
  • Flexible installation
    • The Flood Prevention Switch may be installed horizontally or vertically depending on the location and positioning of the drain line. This makes installation faster and easier.
  • Reliable operation
    • These switches use proven magnetic reed switch technology to ensure proper operation and prevent costly problems.
  • Prevents costly damage
    • Diversitech Flood Prevention Switches shut off the system when water backs up in the drain line due to a clogged line. This prevents costly damage to equipment, floors, walls and ceilings.
  • UL listed
    • These switches conform to UL 508 standards and also comply with applicable NEC codes